Go Sell Yourself

Selling yourself.

Selling yourself.

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Go Sell Yourself.

It’s crazy not to take advantage of the free networking services available online. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Plaxo and several others allow an individual to do everything from connect with friends for online reunions to pitching the world your next big musical hit. Then there’s Twitter, for telling the world what you’re doing every waking moment, every minute of the day.

Personally I prefer MySpace for letting my fans know of my latest hit single, Facebook for connecting with friends and sharing my extraordinary social life, and LinkedIn for promoting my Aldrich Design business. Okay, so “not really” to those first two.

Facebook is kind of casual and laid back, a more relaxed atmosphere.  MySpace is way laid back and often times quite “spaced out.” LinkedIn is more formal, more serious, down-to-business. It’s my personal choice. If you want others to know your business background, your professional experience, your accomplishments and areas of expertise, then LinkedIn may be for you. It offers some powerful tools for reaching folks that may be interested in your book, your product, your services and you. They do offer premium paid services from $25.00 to $500.00 per month that offer more bells and whistles but I’ve found the free one to be sufficient.

You can check out my LinkedIn page here: www.linkedin.com/in/davealdrich


So, don’t be crazy. Take advantage of anyway you can get your message out. And do it for free whenever possible!

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