Have you tried SlideShare?

Have you tried SlideShare?

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE to see my SlideShare presentation.

SlideShare is yet another freebie-online-marketing-tool used to create online slide presentations: www.slideshare.net. Pretty simple to use: open an account, create a profile, create or take an existing PowerPoint presentation, Word document or PDF file. Upload it and SlideShare does the rest. You can even add music to it. From there your presentation will reside on their website on your “My Slidespace” page. And you can link it to appear on your own website, blog, LinkedIn page, (as I’ve done here) or other place that allow you to post links.

Why use it? Well first of all it could be a great way to promote your book or business. Secondly, it’s free. Did I say free? I love free.

So get creative, take advantage, get out there. And don’t forget I’m here to help.



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4 responses to “Have you tried SlideShare?

  1. pcpete

    Loved your slideshare presentation, Dave! pc

  2. Thanks, PC… I thought you would!

  3. I like it Dave. I’m going to try to implement this into EES. I was using Nexgen Gallery plugin, but the images are coming in blurred.

    Can you send me your banner up above for my website? It looks better than using individual photos of the books.

    Thanks Dave.

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