Update on that social media stuff


…for a couple of weeks now. I got my feet wet at least by spending time watching how “the pros” do it. Well not really. There seems to be many that go by calculated plans in using Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Others, like me, just plow in, test the waters and play around till something seems to click.

The big question is, “Why do I need Twitter, or Facebook, or MySpace, or LinkedIn, etc., to promote myself?” Well maybe you don’t. Maybe you have or will find other methods of getting your message out. Maybe you know who your audience is and will be able to reach them through other means. If you have an agent or publisher she may be the one taking care of the marketing for you. But even so it can only help to strengthen your sales potential by using these free forms of media.

This blog is my case in point. I have a website (which I desperately need to update) but I sensed the need to have something more fluid, something where I could show my work as well as share thoughts and opinions on design and the book business. So this was born. Now I popped on Twitter. Why? Well, with the intention to eventually draw an audience to this blog and/or to my website and then with the intention of gaining contacts interested in using my services.

Okay, Dave, how’s it all going for you? The jury’s still out. I do see how it can become way too time consuming if I’m not careful. Time will tell. In the meanwhile I’ll keep getting my feet wet, splash around and try to have some fun.

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂



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2 responses to “Update on that social media stuff

  1. I have enjoyed connecting with you on Twitter, as well as another network. (If that means anything . . . 🙂 )

  2. Hi Joel… thanks… much appreciated. I don’t have the time that many seem to have on Twitter, etc. Seems hard to make a network of folks without this stuff today. But I am so often surprised when contacted by someone for my design services who heard about me from someone else. The old fashioned referral. I know it’s a God thing. He smiles at our efforts and blesses us in spite of them. 🙂

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