On Social Networking (to Twit or not to Twit)

Hello. Yeah, it’s been a while. Not much. How ’bout you? (Excuse my borrowing the lyric from that old England Dan and John Ford Coley tune).

Okay, my final word on social networking — Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Xing, Badda-Bing-Blah-Blah. I’ve been playing with a few of them and believe I’ve come to this conclusion. From the wisdom of Seth Godin, marketing guru:

“Networking is always useful when it’s real and it’s a useless distraction when it’s fake.”

There. I like that. It’s what I’ve been feeling for a while. Twitter, for example — I set up my own page, created a nice Aldrich Design background graphic for it, and did my best to make networking contacts. The result? Well, I really stunk at it. Maybe I connected with the wrong folks for my attempt to increase business, but I came away feeling that Twitter, for the most part, is a useless distraction. And it indeed seems fake to me. I mean it’s nice that folks want to share things like going out for Mexican food and they hope there won’t be any flatulence problems like the last time. Or that you’re tweeting to your Twibe to follow this and that other Twitter because, after all, it’s Follow Friday. Have you seen lately how many companies have felt the need to get on Twitter and Facebook? I mean, do you really feel the need to follow the daily life of the M&M characters? Really. See for yourself: http://twitter.com/msgreen

Then there’s Facebook. Now I can see where Facebook can be a great marketing/networking vehicle. I do a bit of that but for me FB is just a way to see how the folks I like to keep in contact with are doing. And of course it can be a useful tool to direct folks to your website, blog, or other site to talk about and sell your book or product.

That’s enough on that subject from me.

Enjoy the day.


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