On being delinquent on posting to one’s own blog and speaking of LinkedIn

The Designer' Guide to Marketing and Pricing by Benum and TopLike the auto mechanic whose vehicle is last to get repaired, so doth goes the designer who continues to put off posting on his own blog. Okay, lame excuse. I know.

For someone who has been in the advertising/promotional business for many years you’d think I be better at promoting myself with a wonderful and free vehicle such as WordPress!

How about these excuses? Feel free to apply them to your own situation:

Hey, life gets busy. I work too, ya know?

The best marketing I do is at the new Super Walmart in town.

Promote myself? I’m much too humble to promote myself.

How about LinkedIn? What’s the deal with that?

LinkedIn logoOkay, let’s address that last one, LinkedIn. Another free, did I say free?, networking group. Have I discussed this before with you? Stop me if I have. No, don’t worry about it. I shall continue anyway.

LinkedIn is a tremendous business networking site. Although they offer paid memberships the basic one is free and full of plenty of features. One of those features I have come to appreciate is “Groups.”

LinkedIn Writers' and Publishers' Groups

There are several writers’ and publishers’ groups I’ve joined to promote myself, as well as design groups I joined for mutual encouragement and learning from fellow graphic artists. The greatest discovery I’ve had is finding that there are so many gracious folks who are more than willing to offer help and advice. Topics like writer’s (and artist’s) block to promotion are covered. Start a discussion, ask questions, and people are there willing to share. Good stuff. And it’s free.

So. How are you doing? How’s the new book writing coming along? How about that marketing/promotion plan for your existing book? Are you moving forward or full of my excuses. 🙂 How can I help?



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