Putting the Fun Back in DysFUNction!

An eBook by Theresa Lode

Written by the talented and witty Theresa Lode
(AKA: The Mother Lode)

Cover and interior designed by Dave Aldrich

Theresa Lode (pronounced Lo-dee) is a very funny woman. She writes from her trials and tribulations and everyday dysfunctional family life! Much in the style of Erma Bombeck, her stories hit to the heart and the funny bone.

It was a joy to design this e-book for her. We’re very happy with the cover, as it is becoming more an identity for her, as there is a great potential for a series of “Mother Lode Guides.” The interior was also a lot of fun to do. Her daughter Molly submitted a couple of drawings that she created that became part of the book.

It’s a pleasure to work with such a talent as Theresa. Both her and her husband Jay have become good friends. They live in Tennessee with their three children. I don’t think they’re any more dysfunctional than the average family, but maybe they’re just more honest about it!

Check out Theresa’s blog where, for a limited time, she is offering a FREE download of her e-book. It’s short but so sweet a read!


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2 responses to “Putting the Fun Back in DysFUNction!

  1. I’ve been reading and laughing and reading and enjoying this sooooo much, thanks Bro for the link!!

  2. Glad you’re enjoying that, Rich!

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