Making my own whiteboard

Aldrich Design studio, showing the whiteboard

I like to think out loud and big and with pictures!

I had been taping up large sheets of newsprint to layout concepts on the wall in my home studio. Besides wasting a lot of paper it just looked very tacky. So I thought I’d check out and price those whiteboards. Not cheap. I went to a website and found the plans for making one. It’s really simple and the materials are as close as your nearest home store.

I went to Lowes and picked up a sheet of pre-cut 32″ X 48″ “marker-board” (which I think is a generic Melamine). Right next to the board at the store I found plastic molding strips that perfectly fit and snapped on to the edge of the board. I figured the molding would protect the edges from chipping. The only other things I needed were a way to hang, stand, or mount this thing and a set of dry erase markers. I stopped at Staples on the way home and picked up a set.  They came with an eraser and a bottle of cleaner for about $10.

At home I measured and cut the molding strips and attached them to the board. Because I didn’t want to permanently mount the board to a wall I had to figure a way to hang it temporarily. I have a corner hutch to the right of my desk and thought that would be an ideal spot for the board to hang.

I found two old aluminum shelf brackets and bent them in an upside-down U shape, then drilled holes in them, and two holes at the top of the board, and attached them.

Now I can slip my board over the hutch and voila… a portable whiteboard for my big ideas. It also work great hanging over an open door.

This was EASY and inexpensive. I love easy and inexpensive!

If you want to get your ideas up big give this a try. It’s a great way to think out loud.



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2 responses to “Making my own whiteboard

  1. Jason B

    Thanks Dave – after reading the article in your link I think I’ve found a new use for dated tradeshow booth posters made out of lexan plastic.

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