Having fun with video and still photography

Taking a video clip and lots of still photos that I’ve taken, I created this fun little piece in Apple’s iMovie. The program allows you to do a pan and zoom, called the “Ken Burns effect” after the famous documentary producer. There’s a couple of water scenes here that you’d swear it was moving video, but this effect causes the on-screen pixels to give the impression of water movement (Either that or it’s magic).



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8 responses to “Having fun with video and still photography

  1. Richard

    Simply Beautiful my Friend!


  2. Gary

    Great job Dave…..love it!!

  3. Dave, you touched me deeply with this video. My late husband used to sing this song to our son when he was quite young. The visuals and the music are terrific. Is it possible to get a DVD of this, or a CD of the music?

    Your work is outstanding. I have three published novels and supplied the cover art from paintings I had done (forgive me for wanting to do my own thing. LOL) If I decide to have a finished memoir published I may need some help with that cover.

    Congratulations on your excellent work.

  4. Oops! Didn’t mean to spell my own name wrong!

  5. Marie… thank you for your gracious comments. The music in my video was from the album “The Music of Shenandoah” and part of the National Park Series collection. My wife and I picked it up on a trip several years ago traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It remains one of my most played albums of all time.

    I’ll repeat this message in that LinkedIn discussion in case you miss this here.

    I’d love the opportunity to work on your next cover!

    Blessings to you.


  6. PS- Marie, I don’t own the copyright to the music so I cannot duplicate it on to a CD or DVD. I did this for fun and personal use. But you may be able to download the video from here.

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