Just Desserts!

"Just Desserts - spoof book cover"

A “spoof” cover for the fun gang on Twitter’s #StoryFriday!



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4 responses to “Just Desserts!

  1. I LOVE IT! Really glad you didn’t show Heather’s wooden leg. Can’t wait until next week!

  2. Ha! Thanks, Katharine…

    I must have missed that part of the story about the leg. This has been a lot of fun. I hope to try this again.

  3. Oh…..this made me laugh out loud! Too funny!
    Hey- I got notice that you had another post over here and when I click on over it said, “page not found.” And (she snivels) it looked like it was going to be a funny one.

    • Hi T… sorry about that! I got your comment on my illustration post just as I was editing it. So that must have been what caused the riff in the time-space-blog continuum. 🙂

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