The Last Matryoshka (book title revealed)

book cover for "The Last Matryoshka"

Oh, so that’s the title of the book .What in the world is a matryoshka you say? Well, you know those charming Russan nesting dolls, the ones that are usually made of wood and are hollow, and you open one and find another, open that one and find another, and on and on. Yeah, that’s what this is, but they’re usually not as creepy looking as this one.

“The Last Matryoshka” is a suspenseful mystery that takes place in Russia. There’s blackmail, dark prisons, lewd tattoos and lots of bad guys.

So my work is done for a little while on this. The advanced reading copy has gone out and I await the final instructions for the back cover and spine.

The Last Matryoshka book cover - 3D


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2 responses to “The Last Matryoshka (book title revealed)

  1. You did a beautiful job on the dust jacket Dave ! Thank!
    Hope we get to work together again.


  2. Thank you, Joyce and thanks for stopping by. I wish great success with your book!

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