Taking a side trip with photography

With this business of books and book design, like many other businesses, there’s much hurry up and wait. In other words, “We need ideas now but it will be a while until we’re ready for you for the next stage.” That seems to be the nature of things for me.

So in my “side” time I follow another passion with photography. Here are a couple of things I’ve recently been working on that I thought I’d share.

First, a few stills taken in Providence, Rhode Island. Such a beautiful city that has gone through a renaissance of its own. I enjoyed using Photoshop to create an illustration feel for these. If you click on the images it will bring you to my Flickr site and from there you can view them at a larger size if you wish.

Providence River Panorama

Providence River/Canal

South Water and Memorial - Providence

And a short movie I created from stills and video, compiled with a music track in iMovie. I had way too much fun.


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2 responses to “Taking a side trip with photography

  1. Through the lens of your heart you capture ours.

  2. Thanks, my friend. That could make a great tag line. 🙂

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