My take on the future of design

magazine cover for 1961 issue of Design Magazine

…and kind of life in general:

Having spent the majority of my design career in print I had grown anxious and weary about the future with digital media, but I am no longer worried. It’s all about, as it’s always been about, quality content and the means to promote that quality content.

The world seems to be spinning faster than ever before… growth and change in technology is a moment by moment occurrence… life is constantly in transition… and I just can’t keep up… yet I’m okay with that!

Enjoy the ride. What’s good and noble and of lasting value will endure and the rest will become just another soon-to-be-forgotten iPhone app.

Peace 🙂



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2 responses to “My take on the future of design

  1. Dave, very insightful observations. Hype is like drinking Red bull and may have pizzazz and draw our attention. But like you say, even with the new technologies and methods it’s quality content that nourishes the soul.


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