Where did the summer go?

I’ve been rather quiet here since the summer. Been busy with life and well, life.

I’ve had some interesting and fun design jobs though and I’ll post them soon. IN THE MEANTIME here’s a video I created for my own (and my old art school alumni’s) pleasure.


Postnote: My old alma matta was the late, great Vesper George School of Art (fondly known as VGU to its alumni, although it never reached university status). Sadly the school closed its doors in the 80’s. It was located on St. Botolph Street in the Back Bay area of Boston and is now condominiums. I miss the school, but the area has never looked more beautiful.



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7 responses to “Where did the summer go?

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere and well done on the video! You da’ man!

    Almost made me want to go back to school. Not! But mabbee……check out that corner restaurant pictured. (Can’t remember the name.) One of the best parts of the college experience is the funky food hangouts. (For us that was The Pickle Barrel (NUM) and Avogadro’s Number in the Student Union Building.)

    • Hey T! Thanks for your post and thoughts. In my angst for getting back to the blogosphere I opted for sharing some fun first, rather than showing off my latest whatever.

      Daisy Buchanan’s is the restaurant… one of my school’s old haunts in Boston. It’s much fun to go back to our past to visit. I’ve tried to live there at times, but I get kicked back out to reality. 🙂

  2. Lovely! Makes me want to hop on a train and see more of America!

  3. Hi Karen… thanks for your comment and for stopping by. Hope you, your family and Nathan are all well!

  4. Russ Volkers

    VERY NEAT! – even got to see my old apartment! I spent 5 years in the neighborhood! Living in an ARTIST colony setting. There were many folks from the school that lived in the buildings surrounding VGU! We all spent many great days and nights together in the COLONY! It was the sixties SOOO I need not say more! GREAT MUSIC – GREAT FRIENDS and GREAT TIMES! If I could think of any one time that stood out! It would have to be the snow storms BACK BAY never looked more beautiful than under a foot or more of snow!
    THANX for the memories!

    • Hey Russ… it was the 70’s for me, but the memories as fond indeed. VGU was small and intimate. The teachers were experienced in their fields. The atmosphere in school and around town was eclectic. It was a great time to live for sure.

  5. Hey Russ… thanks for stopping by! So we walked past your old place… cool. Yeah, we did a lot of reminiscing ourselves that day. So much has changed in Back Bay. At least we didn’t have to dodge flying windows from the John Hancock building anymore. St. Botolph is more beautiful than I remember it back in the 70’s.

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