Keeping It Simple!

Book cover design by Dave Aldrich for the book "Keeping It Simple!" by Jayne DeRouin

Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life

“Jayne DeRouin is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life and just like everyone else, she’s had to face and overcome many of the challenges and obstacles of life.”

That’s the beginning back cover copy on my latest book design project, “Keeping It Simple!” by Jayne DeRouin. Jayne lives in my home state of Rhode Island and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her and her husband David in person. They both have been a joy to work with.

The premise of her book, keeping life simple by finding freedom in the balance of the physical and spiritual, was the very springboard for coming up with the cover. What could say simplicity and freedom better than a child flying a kite at the beach? The color palette was kept simple as well. I dominated it with a soft blue sky to create the feeling of tranquility and the spot of red in the kite gives an active point of interest.

Now we’re working on other materials – a media kit, letterhead, business card, post card, and other items for her to use to promote the book.

I wish Jayne the very best. Both her and David have been helping me with Keeping It Simple!

Update – November 11, 2010: Keeping It Simple is now available on or through Heart & Soul Publishing (where you can get an author signed copy of the book).



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2 responses to “Keeping It Simple!

  1. Wow! This is awesome Dave…. You know your stuff. I love what you do!

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