Great article: Do authors really need to promote their own books?

Tooting your own hornMany authors that I work with have a hard time with promoting their books or themselves for that matter. I can well understand because I often have a hard time promoting myself and my design services. Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence (I’m really not that good), or feeling “I’m too humble to toot,”  or just that we never seem to have enough time, there’s usually something that gets in the way of tooting our own horns.

First of all, if you want to sell that book and get your message out, no one is better qualified to do it than you. Whether you’re an established author, with the good fortune of having the backing of a large publishing house, or an independent self-publisher marketing by grassroots and viral campaigning, you have to toot!

Author Mary DeMuth has a great article on the subject that’s worth the read. Read it and go ahead and blow that horn. It’s okay!


You can read Mary’s article here.



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4 responses to “Great article: Do authors really need to promote their own books?

  1. Dave- Her piece really spoke to me too back when she posted it originally. And I read it in its entirety this time and it impacted me the same.

    Hope things are going well with you. It’s been awhile since we’ve yabbered. When Jay and I are reunited back in MT we’ll have to yabberwith you. (You and Jay will of course, have to have a cold one in hand.)

  2. Hi Theresa,

    Twas a great article there. Things are well here. Some interruptions and frustrations along the path, but like we expect them by now.

    I look forward to when we can all have a yabber! Meanwhile there’s some ale research to do. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Dave. Coming from a PR family, many years ago my mother told me “if you don’t ‘toot’ you own horn, no one else will.” Adopting the business name LogoMotives gave me an even better opportunity to “toot.”

    In regards to “tooting’ as an author, writer and friend Ilise Benun prepared me for the reality of being published before I wrote my first book. She let me know that once an author completes their manuscript the work just begins. Few books are truly marketed well by the company publishing the volume. The author is going to be responsible for most of a book’s promotion. Those self-publishing must truly learn to ‘toot their own horn’ to achieve any degree of success.

  4. Hi Jeff –

    Great points there. I actually thought of you when as I was writing this. I know you’ve talked about “Tooting your own horn” in your own business quite often (I’ve got your “The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success”). Ilise has been a wonderful source of knowledge as well for me. I’ve learned much from her writings as well as from others on her site and in her materials.

    I must say that I am quick to tell others the importance of “tooting that horn,” but I am usually slow on the draw myself! Like the mechanic that waits on fixing his own car I guess.

    I appreciate your stopping by and sharing. Take care!

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