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Ta-Da. The New and Improved Website of Aldrich Design…

…is up and running. For your convenience we have included my blog of infrequent posts in the site itself. Don’t you just love technology? Click here to go to the new, improved, looks much like it did before, but really better, much better, Aldrich Design website.

Thanks to Paul Squillace for all your web genius help! Contact Paul for your own website development needs.

Screen capture image of Aldrich Design website

The New Aldrich Design Website… Now with even more mighty bits of goodness in every byte.



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Putting the Fun Back in DysFUNction!

An eBook by Theresa Lode

Written by the talented and witty Theresa Lode
(AKA: The Mother Lode)

Cover and interior designed by Dave Aldrich

Theresa Lode (pronounced Lo-dee) is a very funny woman. She writes from her trials and tribulations and everyday dysfunctional family life! Much in the style of Erma Bombeck, her stories hit to the heart and the funny bone.

It was a joy to design this e-book for her. We’re very happy with the cover, as it is becoming more an identity for her, as there is a great potential for a series of “Mother Lode Guides.” The interior was also a lot of fun to do. Her daughter Molly submitted a couple of drawings that she created that became part of the book.

It’s a pleasure to work with such a talent as Theresa. Both her and her husband Jay have become good friends. They live in Tennessee with their three children. I don’t think they’re any more dysfunctional than the average family, but maybe they’re just more honest about it!

Check out Theresa’s blog where, for a limited time, she is offering a FREE download of her e-book. It’s short but so sweet a read!


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On being delinquent on posting to one’s own blog and speaking of LinkedIn

The Designer' Guide to Marketing and Pricing by Benum and TopLike the auto mechanic whose vehicle is last to get repaired, so doth goes the designer who continues to put off posting on his own blog. Okay, lame excuse. I know.

For someone who has been in the advertising/promotional business for many years you’d think I be better at promoting myself with a wonderful and free vehicle such as WordPress!

How about these excuses? Feel free to apply them to your own situation:

Hey, life gets busy. I work too, ya know?

The best marketing I do is at the new Super Walmart in town.

Promote myself? I’m much too humble to promote myself.

How about LinkedIn? What’s the deal with that?

LinkedIn logoOkay, let’s address that last one, LinkedIn. Another free, did I say free?, networking group. Have I discussed this before with you? Stop me if I have. No, don’t worry about it. I shall continue anyway.

LinkedIn is a tremendous business networking site. Although they offer paid memberships the basic one is free and full of plenty of features. One of those features I have come to appreciate is “Groups.”

LinkedIn Writers' and Publishers' Groups

There are several writers’ and publishers’ groups I’ve joined to promote myself, as well as design groups I joined for mutual encouragement and learning from fellow graphic artists. The greatest discovery I’ve had is finding that there are so many gracious folks who are more than willing to offer help and advice. Topics like writer’s (and artist’s) block to promotion are covered. Start a discussion, ask questions, and people are there willing to share. Good stuff. And it’s free.

So. How are you doing? How’s the new book writing coming along? How about that marketing/promotion plan for your existing book? Are you moving forward or full of my excuses. 🙂 How can I help?


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On Social Networking (to Twit or not to Twit)

Hello. Yeah, it’s been a while. Not much. How ’bout you? (Excuse my borrowing the lyric from that old England Dan and John Ford Coley tune).

Okay, my final word on social networking — Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Xing, Badda-Bing-Blah-Blah. I’ve been playing with a few of them and believe I’ve come to this conclusion. From the wisdom of Seth Godin, marketing guru:

“Networking is always useful when it’s real and it’s a useless distraction when it’s fake.”

There. I like that. It’s what I’ve been feeling for a while. Twitter, for example — I set up my own page, created a nice Aldrich Design background graphic for it, and did my best to make networking contacts. The result? Well, I really stunk at it. Maybe I connected with the wrong folks for my attempt to increase business, but I came away feeling that Twitter, for the most part, is a useless distraction. And it indeed seems fake to me. I mean it’s nice that folks want to share things like going out for Mexican food and they hope there won’t be any flatulence problems like the last time. Or that you’re tweeting to your Twibe to follow this and that other Twitter because, after all, it’s Follow Friday. Have you seen lately how many companies have felt the need to get on Twitter and Facebook? I mean, do you really feel the need to follow the daily life of the M&M characters? Really. See for yourself:

Then there’s Facebook. Now I can see where Facebook can be a great marketing/networking vehicle. I do a bit of that but for me FB is just a way to see how the folks I like to keep in contact with are doing. And of course it can be a useful tool to direct folks to your website, blog, or other site to talk about and sell your book or product.

That’s enough on that subject from me.

Enjoy the day.

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Update on that social media stuff


…for a couple of weeks now. I got my feet wet at least by spending time watching how “the pros” do it. Well not really. There seems to be many that go by calculated plans in using Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Others, like me, just plow in, test the waters and play around till something seems to click.

The big question is, “Why do I need Twitter, or Facebook, or MySpace, or LinkedIn, etc., to promote myself?” Well maybe you don’t. Maybe you have or will find other methods of getting your message out. Maybe you know who your audience is and will be able to reach them through other means. If you have an agent or publisher she may be the one taking care of the marketing for you. But even so it can only help to strengthen your sales potential by using these free forms of media.

This blog is my case in point. I have a website (which I desperately need to update) but I sensed the need to have something more fluid, something where I could show my work as well as share thoughts and opinions on design and the book business. So this was born. Now I popped on Twitter. Why? Well, with the intention to eventually draw an audience to this blog and/or to my website and then with the intention of gaining contacts interested in using my services.

Okay, Dave, how’s it all going for you? The jury’s still out. I do see how it can become way too time consuming if I’m not careful. Time will tell. In the meanwhile I’ll keep getting my feet wet, splash around and try to have some fun.

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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